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For a number of reasons to save money, avoid the dreaded experience of the courts, or try to stay friendly, people take it upon themselves to draft their own settlement agreements and divorce documents, or to enter into divorce agreements after judgment. While there are many websites on the internet that offer information about preparing for your own divorce arrangements, these sites don`t tell you almost everything you need to know to protect yourself. If your settlement agreement or divorce decree or if your agreements are not written very carefully after the judgment, are not carefully crafted to make all the points they need, exactly in the right way, it could create exactly the situations you wanted to avoid. This could cause complete chaos in your life. If it could lead to lengthy and very expensive legal disputes and, ultimately, it could cost you significant sums of money. A divorce agreement is a legally binding document* in which you and your spouse can agree on the terms of your divorce and cover a range of topics, including child support, spousal support, division of property, custody and access rights, and any other matter relevant to your situation. When it comes to dividing property in a California divorce, you must first identify all the community property (and debt) and then decide how you want to distribute it. Many people don`t know how many community properties need to be divided, as this can include: Tip: Get a certified copy of your marriage certificate as well as certified copies of the birth certificates of all the children you have. You need it for your divorce proceedings. Each of them can affect both your divorce and your future. You should also get more information about partner or partner support, as well as custody and visitation arrangements.

You can get information on this site. Click on the topic you`re interested in: While the word “divorce” often conjures up images of spouses shouting at each other in the courtroom, the reality is that most divorce cases are resolved amicably. This is because the spouses are able to find a settlement agreement that addresses all the relevant issues in their specific case.. .