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You are obviously happy with this tenant or you would not ask the questions. Nevertheless, I would be dubious considering that many modern relationships end very quickly to give him more rights to the property. He can enter if you give your permission without giving you rights. Before you give him permission to move in, always do the full reference exams – he could have been the neighbor of hell in another area, and you wouldn`t want him to be in yours, if that`s the case. Yes, the housing allowance must be notified that he resides there, and this will almost certainly affect the benefit that your tenant receives, so this must be paid as quickly as possible. You may need to check with the housing allowance that they did. I always don`t care about caution and I think, in this case, after the management of the Council gives you an exit, but keeps your tenant with full right. Tell her that if she was on a Council property, she would expect him to be able to live with her for 12 months before getting legal status on the property and that you would work on the same lines. If something goes wrong, she can tell him to leave, and his safety is not affected. If all goes well, in 12 months you will be able to believe that it is going well, and then you can give the lease.

Until then, you have the flexibility that you seem to enjoy. In two months, our tenants will have finished a year`s rent. I am about to write to see if they want to stick to the same rent. If they want to stay, are we just going to reissue a guaranteed short-term lease? If so, what will happen to the first six months of additional protection on a standard short-term rent, which should not really be applied to them, as they proved last year? We have a one-year lease with our landlord with a six-month break clause. The annual contract expires on April 30, 2006. But yesterday she gave us a letter (there are four of us) in which she tells us that she gives us two months` notice to leave on yesterday`s date (17 January) – so we have to be out before March 18th. I got an agreement with the 6-month short-term rental title, although I live in a room with my son in a house that I have shared with the owner since June 1st. I have the impression that she might want to drive me out because she works at night and my son, who is one, is very noisy during the day.

What are my rights as a tenant and if I were to go to the city council, it would be considered regulated housing. (Pay bills between us and pay the rent with the housing allowance). If your tenant wants more security, you can set up a six-month, one-year or even two-year lease. However, remember that even the best tenant could offer his time and could eventually disappear. I would stick to the legal rule of the period without a new agreement or, if the tenant insists on a new agreement, issue again for one year. It is usually due to tenants and should be included in the rental agreement. I think that the maintenance of the garden should be the subject of a full debate from the beginning (or even before). If you don`t leave your property, it`s obvious that your tenants have already been created, so they can have the right tools. If you leave it ameublier, then your tenants may not be afforded to buy their own tools.

Besides, I haven`t seen your garden! Was it your pride and joy? If so, and it must be with the tenant`s consent, you may feel easier to take care of them. If the worst comes at its worst, perhaps it`s better to make the cheapest lawnmower available than to give tenants an excuse not to worry about the lawn. Never heard of it. The owner is obviously trying to make her life easier while saying she is happy to get you out of the agreement prematurely. It would be a very stupid thing to do for her – how does she know that the tenant you would like to take care of would be a good tenant, someone they talk about comfortably, etc.