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Updated from a previous article. 2 months later, they still haven`t seen a penny in repayment, after bringing us 25% they say, represents our “share of the risk”. Featuring us with a 25% voucher that seems increasingly worthless and refuses to refund us 100% while we have repaid 100% in our agreement (which they never signed) on a refund enhanced. Especially in the face of a pandemic that prevented us from going to London. Once again, AirBNB (for another property), airlines, theatres, restaurants, tours, etc. We are 100% reimbursed. As far as Veeve is concerned, nothing, no communication and no answer to questions. Don`t believe the robo response that will follow this message. No acceptable alternative was proposed and no Veeve members remained in contact. Airbnb customers who want to live in a resident`s replacement room may be disappointed. Data analysed by the Sunday Times show that hosts with multiple ads now dominate the website in the short term, making apartment buildings and entire street towns in the UK`s largest cities de facto hotels. Don`t use Veeve. They wouldn`t pay you back.

I received half a refund, I can`t go to Europe because of Covid. They refuse to give a full refund. Never use this company I have been waiting for my money since March. It is not a trustworthy company. Fast-forward more than a decade and the tech giant has revenues of more than $2 billion in listings in almost every country in the world, including North Korea. In 2007, as the legendary story of Airbnb`s humble origins tells, the site`s three founders couldn`t afford to rent their apartment in San Francisco, so they charged customers to sleep on a lift mattress in their living room to “earn a few dollars.” I cancelled a reservation with Veeve 8 weeks ago, far in the window of time to qualify for a 100% refund. I still haven`t received it. Be careful with Veeve`s rental! Updated. One bottom first: I had to cancel two trips because of the Covid19 crisis, and Veeve was the only company that did not offer me a full refund: Air B-B returned the entire sum in 2 days; HomeAway immediately accepted the cancellation and refunded the amount I had already paid; British Airways needed 6 days to complete a full refund; and so also a car rental and my travel insurer. Veeve offered to return half the rent, but when I asked when I would get it, the only answer they gave (twice) was: “Your 50% refund is in our queue”.” So I reluctantly accepted their offer: give the cash refund and receive a voucher for the entire amount, valid for 3 years.

Now I pray that they will survive the crisis. Bobby Alam was excellent and really worked to help in an uncertain time. Very professional, good communication, and responded to all the problems we had.