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A contract is an agreement between two parties that creates an obligation to perform (or not perform) a particular obligation. For more information on purchase requirements and purchase requests, please visit the purchasing office`s website at: Certain contracts, such as confidentiality agreements. B, equipment transfer agreements, team agreements and declarations of intent generally do not include funding, as sponsored projects do. Therefore, these non-financial agreements do not require the transmission of a proposal relating to the OSPA. The Contracts industry agreements team will negotiate these contracts and agreements and will contact the faculty or collaborator if additional information is required to prepare and implement the agreement. Contracts industry Agreements (CIA) employees work at the Office of Commercialization and Innovation (OCI) to facilitate and support UTSA-supported research projects and undertakings through the development, negotiation and implementation of a large number of contracts and agreements, including: A marijuana purchase agreement, for example, is not a legal contract. Since the purpose of the contract is illegal, the contract is unenforceable and the parties have no remedies for infringement. The Office of Sponsored Project Administration (OSPA) should already have an approved proposal until an agreement or agreement is reached on the funding of projects supported by teachers or staff (research, education, service, etc.). If no proposal has been submitted by one of the six research centres, the faculty or staff is contacted to submit the required proposal documents through the corresponding research centre. A contract or agreement for sponsored project activities will only be negotiated once the appropriate documentation has been provided.

A team agreement is an agreement between the university and one or more organizations that partner to collaborate on a proposed research program on a primary sponsor in response to a tender request (RFP). The lead organization generally designs the agreement. The TA will determine why you work together and define the limits of collaboration to reward and sub-contracts, if any, and the intention of the parties to share the work required in the resulting order if the team succeeds and wins the prize. Please complete this form if you have been invited to speak at an UTSA College of Engineering event. The information in this form allows us to quickly process a speaker agreement. The preparation and implementation of contracts will be expedited according to the appropriate procedure for the different types of agreements and contracts, allowing the faculty and staff to start working more quickly on their projects. As an important authority on increased project and research funding, the CIA works closely with faculties, academic units and other academic offices, including the Office for Research Integration (ORI). The Contracts -Industry Agreements team has a close and important relationship with the increase in on-campus marketing and technology transfer activities. Agreements concluded and concluded by the industry contract and agreement team, including sponsored research agreements, confidentiality agreements and material transfer agreements, can allow partnerships and projects to thrive and ultimately create UTSA faculties and IP personnel.