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The agreement covers approximately 900 faculty members represented by the Federation of Local 2 Post-Secondary Ecoducs. Members work on the two main campuses, Kamloops and Williams Lake, as teachers, consultants, librarians and teaching support. Please note that TRUFA members must register with TRU… , External candidates must bring a copy of their transcripts for the interview The salary for the above position is determined by the collective agreement with the Canadian Public Union that TRU hired last May as the LTC to begin in September. However, I am not satisfied with the way I was included in the salary grid. I do not feel that my mediation has taken into account my experience and training. What can I do? Hospitality management role. Please note that if selected for an interview, external candidates have a copy of their transcripts for the pay band interview according to TRUFA Salary Kamloops and District Labour Council (KDLC) TRUFA Delegates Report February 2018 The Kamloops and District Labour Council (KDLC)… Your Confidential Family Assistance Program (EFAP) and its professional life, a wellness resource. Free access to short-term advice for you, your spouse and children, as well as specialized advice, useful resources and practical strategies in the areas of work, life, family, money and health. .

Confidential and/or sensitive matters, such as personnel and compensation issues; manages the inventory of office needs. Collects information and creates reports, statistics, newsletters, tables and diagrams that are needed to bring a copy of their transcripts to the pay band interview. Nearly 240,000 civil servants are currently subject to interim or ratified agreements concluded under the mandate. The Thompson Rivers University Faculty Association (TRUFA) and the Thompson Rivers University Board of Governors have officially ratified a new contract for approximately 900 union-recognized faculty members. Members work on the two main campuses Kamloops and Williams Lake as teachers, advisors, librarians and teaching support. . FPSE Education Policy Committee Member Report to TRUFA General Assembly 2017 The trend in… .

The 2016 Labour Day picnic marked the 60th anniversary of the Kamloops and District Labour Council.