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Article 16. If an arbitrator resigns before the appointment is accepted, or if the arbitrator dies after acceptance, will not be able to perform his duties or is successfully challenged, the substitute is indicated in the arbitration agreement, if he exists, to assume his position. Article 4. A compromise clause is an agreement by which the contracting parties undertake to submit to arbitration any disputes that may arise with respect to this contract. Paragraph 2. Parties and arbitrators may, by mutual agreement, extend the date of the final award. Article 27. The arbitration award determines the obligations of the parties with respect to the costs and costs of arbitration, as well as any amount resulting from bad faith conduct, if any, in accordance with the provisions of the arbitration agreement, if any. Paragraph 3.

If the parties do not agree on the terms of the filing agreement, the judge, after hearing the party against which the application is made, decides on the content of the filing agreement, either during the oral proceedings or within ten days of the text of the compromise clause, taking into account the provisions of Article 10 and Article 21 , paragraph 2 of this Act. Paragraph 7. The Court`s decision, which granted the applicant`s application, is considered a filing agreement. Article 20. A party wishing to raise matters relating to the jurisdiction, suspicion or obstruction of an arbitrator, or the nullity, disability or ineffectiveness of the arbitration agreement, must do so at the first opportunity after the arbitration process begins. IV – the award was rendered outside the bounds of the arbitration agreement and it was not possible to separate the excess party from the one before the arbitration; Paragraph 2. The competent authority or direct public management authority that enters into arbitration agreements is the same body that enters into agreements or transactions. The single paragraph: if the declared party does not appear or refuses to sign the deposit agreement, the other party may bring an action under section 7 of that law with the original judicial authority for the jurisdiction of the case. Article 6. In the absence of a provision on the start of the arbitration, the interested party notifies the other party, either by mail or other means, with confirmation of receipt, of its intention to initiate arbitration proceedings and sets a date, time and place for the implementation of the filing agreement.