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After the introduction of the setup, the author and director of the rookie Justin Dec engages with the main story. It begins with Quinn Harris (Elizabeth Lail), a freshly cooked nurse, in the same hospital where Evan will soon be operated on. Evan is panicked because his death app says he`s going to die on the operating table, and he also gets the dreaded “broken user deal” before dying in a chaotic and mysterious way. While decades of life are given to his colleagues, the Quinn program says he only has a few days left. She desperately tries to escape her fate as the minutes pass, and is accompanied by another user, Matt (Jordan Calloway), whose death is also imminent. In an average credit scene, Derek is at a Tinder appointment. Its countdown app says it broke the usage agreement. The restaurant`s lights go out before it is attacked by the demon. Quinn learns that Sullivan has led employees to think that she sexually harassed him: as a result, she is suspended. Matt is attacked by the entity that takes the form of his deceased brother. They look at the user agreement that says the agreement is broken if the user tries to change his fate: Quinn`s trip with his family and Matt, who is on a train trip, both cancelled, would have resulted in his initial death. They hack into the app and learn that Jordan is going to die just before Quinn.

Derek, the phone salesman who helped them hack the app, adds more years to the three years of life. Quinn, however, is attacked by the demon and the countdowns back to their original era. After canceling a weekend with her father and Jordan, Quinn receives a chilling notification from the app that she has broken her usage agreement. As with previous victims, she immediately begins to be persecuted by haunted forces that seem determined to torment all the time she has left. However, by cancelling its plans, it breaks the user`s agreement with the application. This part of the plot is not very well explained. But if you break the conditions by not going where you need to go for your death, then a demon comes after you to kill you instead. STX Entertainment countdown (2019) has a mid-size credit scene, so we`re going to break what`s going on and what it means. Over the years, there have been many horror films inspired by technology, especially mobile phones.

In the countdown, the premise focuses on a specific application that tells users when they die. However, when they modify their actions based on the information given to them by the application, they violate the usage agreement and are tortured by a haunted character until they die.