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When executing the written rental agreement, the owner must disclose all colors and hazards containing lead. According to a.C.A. 18-16-112 (b), victims of domestic violence are well protected from deportation. The landlord is also responsible for suring that the locks are modified if the tenant requests it. Did you know that the landlord cannot terminate or cannot renew a lease, and he cannot refuse to enter into a lease with a victim of domestic violence? According to the Arkansas Code – Title 18, Chapter 16, it is necessary to have either a fixed-term lease or a month-to-month lease in the state of Arkansas. As a general rule, the contract begins as a fixed term and extends according to the monthly tenancy agreement, in accordance with the requirements and acceptance of the landlord and tenant. The Arkansas Standard Residential Lease Agreement is a form used to set up a structure for renting a home or dwelling unit. As such, it includes the specific rights and obligations of landlords and tenants. It also lists the specific measures that a landlord or tenant can take in the event of a breach of contract. The lessor (or his lawyer) usually designs and verifies this contract to ensure that it goes in expected and unforeseen circumstances. Tenants should always read it carefully before signing to make sure they agree on the terms. Arkansas leases can be used for any landlord-tenant agreement in which the use of land, trade or housing is made by a tenant for the payment of the agreed monthly rent. All housing contracts should be used as a reference to Title 18, subtitle 2, Chapter 17 (Arkansas Residential Landlord-Tenant Act 2007).

Subletting Contract – Allows a tenant to have another person occupied, and payments can be paid either to themselves or directly to the landlord. The Arkansas sublease contract is a contract whereby the tenant of a leased property (the so-called “unterloser”) leases the property to a third party called “Sublessee”. The subcontractor should consider informing the owner if another party helps pay before the development of a sublease contract.