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To rent your property, please fill out the following form “Commission Agreement for the Rental of Real Estate” or contact our local office for more information. Their property is marketed to customers in the OVV register as well as on the Vuokraovi, Oikotie, OVV, etc. sites. We will contact you to arrange a view of the property and confirm other practical questions. A few years ago, the developers of Sopimustieto were frustrated by the fact that a particular service contract or other document could not be found in a folder or email if it had been necessary. In Sopimustieto, all your agreements are automatically archived on your company`s contractual account, allowing you to find them easily and not disappear. The counterparty also obtains its own copy of the contract in digital form without any problem. In particular, a notion of confidentiality aimed at protecting the business secrets of the parties should be routinely incorporated into an agreement on information-intensive services. It is worth increasing the obligation with a sufficiently high contractual penalty. All the essential conditions of the commission should be set out in the agreement. What has not been agreed is governed by the customs of the matter and the general principles of contract law. However, these principles are unlikely to best meet the individual needs of the parties.

With a commission contract, the company purchases a service or a number of services from another company. Typical commission contracts are real estate agent, consulting and maintenance contracts. In principle, the designation of the contract does not affect the interpretation of its content – the contract can also be described as a service contract, a customer contract or a subscription contract. On the InfoFinland page you will find important information about termination, rental payment, deposit and other charges in a rented property. Sopimuksen otsikko ei lähtökohtaisesti vaikuta sen sisällön tulkintaan – sopimus voi olla nimitykseltään paitsi toimeksiantosopimus, myös palvelusopimus, asiakassopimus ta tilaussopimus. With Sopimustieto, you can easily create a matching commission contract. In the best case, you can create a ready-to-sign agreement with the click of a mouse – our carefully developed standard terms adapt to your situation. So this is not a traditional form template or template, but a modern technology that contains standard terms and content for thousands of different templates. Sopimustieto offers standard content based on established contractual practices, for example in the following sub-areas: the purpose and scope of the service should be carefully defined. A typical dispute lies in the scope of the services contained in the contract. If you want a broker to look for a suitable rental accommodation, you must make an assignment contract (toimeksiantosopimus) in writing with the agent. In this case, you must pay a commission to the agent.

Grant the commission in advance in writing. For example, the commission could be a monthly rent. Compare in advance the commissions of different agencies. Timelines easily cause disagreement. When should the work be completed and what are the consequences of a possible delay? You don`t need to use an agent to look for an apartment. You can search for information about free apartments yourself. In this case, you do not have to pay a commission (välityspalkkio). The commission contract is valid for four months and can be terminated at any time by both parties. You can invite the other party to view your commission agreement at Sopimustieto via SMS or email.

The party can accept the offer with his electronic signature which is part of our service. The commission agreement should be in writing in order to avoid any future ambiguity. The agreement allows both parties to verify what has been agreed. Many disputes are not due to the dishonesty of one of the parties, but to the fact that the parties had from the outset a different perception of the content of the contract. . . .