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7.1 We are entitled to terminate this ACCORD if you and/or DRIVER commit a violation of this ACCORD. We are then entitled to the immediate return of the vehicles and, furthermore, any amount that will then be owed by YOU in the United States will be immediately due and payable. 7.2 THE RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF US AND OUR PART WILL REMAIN FULLY IN FORCE AND EFFECTIVE UNTIL THE VEHICLE HAS BEEN RETURNED TO THE UNITED STATES WITHIN THE MEANING OF THIS AGREEMENT AND YOU HAVE NOT FULFILLED ALL OF YOUR OBLIGATIONS REGARDING THIS AGREEMENT. This is an agreement between the potential tenant identified on page 1 (you) and the company identified on page 1 (company) to rent the motor vehicle described on page 1, including all accessories, tools, tyres and equipment as well as a replacement vehicle (of the vehicle). The vehicle must not be used for illicit purposes, including for the training or towing of a vehicle or trailer or for the transport of loads exceeding the requirements of the load. No vehicle can be taken more than 100 kilometres from Tweed Heads without the owner`s consent (according to the “vehicle area of use” – lease). 3. The Company may amend these terms and conditions and the alternative rules to section 40.1. When amending these terms and conditions and subsidiary rules, the Company will announce on its website that it will change these terms and conditions, the terms and conditions of these conditions and the subsidiary rules after this amendment and the effective date of this amendment. The amended terms and conditions of sale and the subsidiary rules are posted and reserved in accordance with Article 40.2.

These items also include, but are not necessarily limited to, additional equipment or special requests that you can add to the car rental transaction (z.B. Additional driver`s insurance, Young Driver Insurance, discount fees, Baby or children`s seats (whose installation is solely the responsibility of the tenant), snow chains or winter tires (which are required to be installed in certain weather or road conditions), ski station, processing costs in case of deterioration, processing costs for transport or parking tickets, navigation system, special requests for the introduction or pickup of the car, reception or reception of the car outside of walking hours, etc.). The costs of these supplements must be specified in the voucher and these, as well as the costs of any other supplement that you can order directly from the car supplier when the car is picked up, are recovered directly and exclusively by the car supplier.