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All Data Lake Storage Gen1 accounts that you have in the subscription to which you were previously connected are automatically listed in Explorer under the Data Lake Storage Gen1 (Preview) node. Now, you`ll probably understand how Azure Storage Explorer makes accessing memory so easy and easy. You simply log into your storage account and are ready to run any process. Once you have selected a storage station in the storage hierarchy, another bar is displayed at the top of the screen, with different icons that match your selection and that will allow you to perform some relevant functions. To create a new table with Azure Storage Explorer, right-click the node tables under your storage account, and then select Create Table. After filling in all the details in the required fields, you can click the Create button. Azure Storage is a scalable and reliable solution for storing different forms of data. Structured or unstructured, Azure Storage has the capacity and capacity to store everything. To give the user more taste, Azure Storage Explorer allows the user to efficiently manage data by providing different features depending on the type of memory. Azure Memory Explorer is a functional application that you can easily download to your computer, sign in to your subscription, and access your storage account without actually using the Azure portal.

You can also connect to other data storage features provided by Azure, such as Azure Data Lake and Azure Cosmos DB. You can ensure that all files in this folder are uploaded correctly, either to the Azure portal or to Azure Storage Explorer.