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Both sentences are translated into English as “they are wrong”, so they are a slightly more formal expression than “Do as a delicate act”. If you are healthy (or not so healthy – no judgment here!) If you wish to participate in the debates, the sentences all make it a must if you want to express consent or disagreement. While the previous sentences might be interpreted as a bit blunt, this sentence trainer is a way to express your opinion more cautiously, with your point of disagreement being expressed in a second sentence. Listening to French radio shows in the form of podcasts is ideal for French learners of all stripes, but it is especially advanced learners who will benefit from recording sentences to highlight their own debates and discussions. It is particularly good to hear political debates. I recommend visiting Radio France Politique. What I recommend is that you learn what the French call ready-made phrases (literally “prefabricated phrases”), these are standard phrases that you can rely on to meet your needs and about it. Think of them as building blocks of your vocabulary. I totally agree; the economy is in disliques. (I totally agree; the economy is going into recession.) It was just a short list of 10 ways to accept in French and not give your consent.

In fact, it was probably more than 10 ways. 10. It is impossible for me to give a [definitive] opinion on (I cannot give a [definitive] opinion 2. We agreed that (we found it). . by Sarah Dale| Learn French, vocabulary | 0 Comments Compare this with the support of a negative statement. You would use the phrase “neither do I.” And the “plus” is actually said “ploo”, without the “s” sound at the end. .