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Palestinians expressed anger at the agreements by firing rockets from Gaza at Israel during the ceremony at the White House. What was clear about the event, which was broadcast live on major cable networks less than 50 days before the November election, was Mr. Trump`s political interests. The Trump campaign, which wants to portray the war-going president as a diplomat and peacemaker, has played a key role in online announcement agreements that say he deserves nothing less than the Nobel Prize, for which two right-wing Scandinavian lawmakers have nominated him. The deal was negotiated on the U.S. side by Trump`s high-ranking adviser Jared Kushner, Middle East envoy Avi Berkowitz, national security adviser Robert O`Brien, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and national security officer Miguel Correa. The staging of the event seemed to stimulate the scene more than 25 years ago in the same place as when President Bill Clinton negotiated a deal – and an iconic handshake – between Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Mr. Trump said there would be “peace in the Middle East,” a phrase that typically suggests a solution to Israel`s conflict with the Palestinians. But there was at least a potentially undecided moment between them when Mr.

Trump said that if re-elected, he would try to strike a deal with Iran, which has so far refused to negotiate with him after withdrawing from the nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration in 2015. The agreements are the first such agreements between Israel and an Arab state since 1994, when the Jewish state established diplomatic relations with Jordan. They are also a further step towards the formation of a de facto alliance between Israel and the Sunni Arab monarchies of the Gulf against their common enemy, Shiite Iran. Pressure on Iran was a central focus of Trump`s foreign policy, and Trump officials worked to build a common regional front against Tehran, in which Saudi Arabia played an important role. The texts of the agreements detail how the three countries will open embassies and create new diplomatic and economic relations, including tourism, technology and energy. Israel and the UAE are beginning commercial flights between their countries for the first time and Bahrain has opened its airspace for these flights. But analysts noted that Kushner`s initial goal of an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians was further away than ever, months after Palestinian leaders announced a peace plan that he spent years dying upon his arrival. However, Palestinian leaders have shown no signs that they will reconsider their continued refusal to negotiate with Israel as part of a peace plan released by the Trump White House in January, nor their vision of Tuesday`s agreement.

From the veranda above the south portico, just below Truman`s balcony, Mr. Trump said the agreements were just the beginning. “Today`s signing puts history on a new path and there will be very, very soon other countries” that are concluding similar agreements and ending Israel`s isolation in the region. Among those present was Trump`s son-in-law and chief adviser, Jared Kushner, who has made middle East peace a central priority in his work in the White House and helped mediate the agreements.